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Providing Software Development Services without a proven methodology is like building a house without a blueprint. Such projects result in unnecessary additional costs and delays in completion.

Knowledge Development
Once we've agreed on the outcome, which will be documented by us, we will begin the knowledge transfer from your business to ours. Our team maps all potential variables to the efficiency and reliability of every single response made.

Process Mapping and Design
This is where our Customer Contact Architects come into play. We build the system-from issue escalation processes to the actual implementation.

Partner Reporting
Our relationships are not one of vendor client, but partners. Our reporting not only includes the entire standard reporting you would expect from a professional business, but also includes real-time reports as per the documentation that can break down into as many categories as you'd wish.

Validation and soft-launch
Before we test the solution on real time, we test it on ourselves to make sure it works to the specifications it was designed against. Another critical component to this step is Client Training. Our team works with yours to make sure you understand everything about our solutions-from administration to access.

Hard launch
Once we've designed, built and tested the solution, we're ready to go live and start taking care of your customers.

Measurement, Analysis & Support - Once our service solutions are live, Our support team monitors them free of cost up to six months to make sure they are operating as efficiently as they can, and provide you with a complete set of modeling and reporting tools to track your business. Further to this the same support is continued with an Annual Maintenance Contract.

This development process allows us to guarantee:

On-time completion of the project
Delivery of a high-quality system meeting your business requirements
Development of a flexible, easy to use and modify (in case you need some enhancements in future) system.










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