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Jewelry Shop Management System retailer

Jeweler shops do take orders from customers and make the jewels with the help of craftsman. They need to maintain customer orders, create work issues for making through craftsman, and maintain payments during delivery. Automating and recording these processes with the help of a computer will make their work a lot easier.

The purpose of the order management developed for jewelers shop is to manage and maintain the details such as Pre-estimate, Orders, Work issues, Post-estimate and Delivery. The system tracks the order till it is delivered to the customer.

At any point of time, the salesman can identify the order status and manage the progress of the order easily and effectively using the system reports. Reports are generated for overdue orders, pending deliveries, etc…

The most important feature in this application is storing details in dual database. Entries are stored in double databases at the same time and when a database is corrupted or disturbed, the system will be capable to continue working with the other database without human intervention.

Customer Billing System

Co-operative societies sell lot of goods to customers and also to departments. Computerizing their billing process will make it easy to generate bill, manage payments and generate sales report.

This system manages and monitors sales process. The system takes care of maintaining ledger for each customer and department. The system is well defined and secured with many customized options. The system generates highly structured pre defined sales report and also generates balance pending report at any point of time.

Online Grocery Store

Kuwait Online Grocery Stores is a big marketing initiative in Kuwait, which enables the customers to buy variety of products under different categories. It is the best place to sell products by the suppliers online.

KOS provides benefits to suppliers such as selling supplier’s products under various grouping, providing option to sell second-hand products, Up to date product listings and top advertising products in the supplier’s account will be exhibited to manage their personal accounts.

KOS provides services to customers such as Online purchasing of products, Process customer orders with free shipping, Latest Listing of new releases and top selling products.

Automobile Workshop Billing System

The System holds the primary objective of automating the Automobile-workshop service details.

The system maintains the details about the vendor from whom the workshop purchases the spares. The up to date update of the spares available in the stock is maintained for an easy work on raising the purchase order when the spare gets down. The purchase order information is also maintained which can be used under accounting

The job card maintains information about the vehicle that comes for service. The service record is track record for each vehicle. The customer details who deliver their vehicles for servicing is maintained The labor details who work in the work shop, this is maintained for the easy calculation of the amount of effort and cost spent on the service activity of any vehicle that comes for servicing. The various service type that are carried on in the work shop is also maintained

Palm web synchronizer

Business travelers and executives use palm PCs, since it can be used both as a mobile phone and a simple organizer to store contact information, appointments and to-do work activities. These systems have the ability to sync this information with a personal computer. But they do not provide option to sync with a Web server.

PIM Down loader, in short PIM-Dler, is a PDA application that enables user to download and upload Personal Information Management (PIM) data between their PDA device and a Web server. This PIM data includes Tasks, Calendar and Contacts.

As they travel they can upload data that is not necessary to a web server and keep those necessary. This allows them to utilize the memory of the PDA efficiently.

Multi Level Marketing

The software will automate most of the MLM activities such as adding a new Associate, modifying the Associate Info and deleting the Associate based on some stipulated conditions. This software takes care of maintaining the incentives and other bonus details with which it checks whether each Associate is eligible to take the same or not. It also maintains the status of each Associate regarding their status in each level, in each Wonder clubs, their account information, forwarding mails, printing cheque and so on. The system has one back office running and a website.

The Back Office module is the Primary Interaction Module. This module manages the associate details that are collected now and then from the associates as they join the organization. This module takes care of uploading the details that are collected and generated, to download the information from the remote server and to take print out of the downloaded data

The Web Site module also manages the associate details that are uploaded now and then as any new associate join the organization. This module takes care of the associate promotion into their new levels, their incentives, cheques, letters, maintaining the account details for every associate, their current status in each plant and so on.










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