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Warranty Management System

Vehicle Service Warranty providers have to maintain a lot of details about their customers, the vehicle they provider warranty, service history of the vehicle, premiums, warranty agreements, service details, work orders, etc…

The products Warranty Management System holds the primary objective of tracking down all these information and relates them to one another to provide information to the Customer Support People working in an organization. The application allows tracking the Customer’s Vehicle service history and status from the company database, this allows saving considerable amount of time to make all the way to the customer place or workshop for checking the same. This satisfies the client’s need in no time thereby, increasing the service support of the organization, which will have a positive impact over the profit of the organization.

In this application, the customer details, the insurance company and the associate details and the workshop details were all maintained together and so getting a current history of a vehicle will be more accurate. The information of a vehicle starting from when it is purchased, serviced, insurance expiry period etc., were all put together which will be greatly helpful in getting the detail of a vehicle which may be required at any point of time.

Project AddIn

Big Companies have their office at more than one location separated by geographical boundaries. They execute Projects in these locations and they need a solution to organize and manage Project data, so that the people working in these locations can share information without need for replication of information.

The Microsoft Project Add In has been created to organize Microsoft Project 2003 Data under a hierarchy, also to share the Project data across network boundaries (Internet). Logins are provided to access the Project data. This allows securing the Project Information to only authorized Persons. Files can also be shared by uploading to Tasks in the Projects.

A Server application (Web Component) assist in storing and retrieving the data and files associated with a Project in a Web Directory. This solution breaks the geographical barrier while storing information.

Bug Tracking System

Software firms need tools to record and follow-up bugs in software systems they create. With more and more clients and projects getting added, it would be difficult and time consuming to manage these activities by paper-work and electronic documents.

The product Bug Host System holds the primary objective of eliminating these problems and also to have control over the software development. With multiple developers and testers keeping track of their own bugs, you are never sure of what gets fixed in each version. Bug Host allows you to maintain control each step of the way from discovery to completion, by recording all activities in the system.

Different logins are provided, to make the system more secure enough from attacks and un-authorized viewing. The system contains options to hide data from the user’s view. Each individual field in a bug record can be hidden separately from others. This make sure even the authorized user are only allowed to view part of the data they are allowed to access. The Security attribute is based on roles played by the user; custom security attributes can also be created for each individual user.










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