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Product Status Tracking System

While Products are dispatched, it has to pass through Quality Check to ensure that the customer is given always quality products. Also inferior product can be stopped from dispatching to customer. Recording quality check details will ensure that the company gets to the problem more precisely.

This is a Desktop application prepared for a Chemical based company. This application is used to maintain complete information regarding the Chemicals filled in Tankers in to the company, Chemical filling information, Chemist who inspect the filling, Condition of the tanker, condition of the chemical (Passed / Failed), and also to get the readings of chemical such as Temperature, Pressure, Free Chlorine, etc. The application generates reports based on the Product and Tankers separately so as to identify the problems based on Products and also based on Tankers.

Consumption Monitoring System

Consumption of raw materials while manufacturing is monitored in every factoring during production. The Packing of materials into cartons & palettes and generating the required export documents for shipping is another task in factories. Doing these two tasks manually is a difficult job.

The Consumption Monitoring system was developed to manage and monitor the consumption details of raw materials and also generate the user required export forms for packing materials. The system is designed keeping in mind security and customization.

The system allows the user to monitor the raw material consumption for production. This system assists the user to generate packaging schedule for finished goods. The system generates pre defined export documents for shipping.

Codification Maintenance System

Manufacturing drawings are always said to change due to requirement changes are to the fact new technology and component is introduced. Maintaining these drawings and codes for the same will be difficult if the number of these drawing increases substantially.

This system entitled Codification Maintenance System manages the entire process of tracking codes, of different drawings that are used in the factory while manufacturing.

The details of the drawings, code and versions are entered into the system. This system allows user to take reports on different criteria on the drawings stored in the system.

Spares Monitoring Tool

In manufacturing industries, spares monitoring is one big task. Since in every manufacturing goods spares are used in more numbers. Sorting them and maintaining the stock is a difficult task.

The Spare monitoring tool system allows monitoring spare usage and recording stock in hand details. It allows raising purchase of stock to the Purchase department whenever there is insufficient stock.

It covers right from entry of stock to usage of materials in production. Entries are made to account for the number of units purchased and consumed during production. Reports are generated to allow production managers to identify the stock level and raise purchase request if required to reduce delay time in production due to insufficient stocks.

Spares are maintained at different levels. The storage of spares in different locations is recorded in this application with a simple drag and drop feature. Mail sending feature is available for spares below re order level.

The application also maintains details of breakdown of machines.

Manufacturing Management System

Manufacturing lines in companies have a lot of people working in manufacturing goods. These people need information on manufacturing details for reference while working. It would be difficult to provide materials for each individual or even if provided it would be difficult to maintain and update information.

Manufacturing Management system is a Desktop application for a Mobile manufacturing unit. This application manages the Excel files across LAN network used by the company to store various information regarding manufacturing unit, at various department.

By using this application, all the employees of a department can share the files from a common place.

While the files can be placed in a common shared folder, for the users to access but it would be difficult to search and list files related for there manufacturing process. On such cases, this application can greatly help. Whenever an employee wants to work on some product, he will simply select the product name and all the associated files will be linked along with that product details and the file can be opened from that application itself, this greatly reduces the time spent on searching the files during production.










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