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Multilevel Marketing

Miracles india business plan is a new , innovative and revolutionary marketing concept where all applicants after becoming an associate and participating in the miracles India business plan (MIBP) can generate high incomes leading to fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations by marketing the products dealt by the company on MULTI LEVEL MARKETING (MLM) basis.

MULTI LEVEL MARKETING (MLM) is a business concept and opportunity of the future world but presented and implemented by Miracle Nets private limited in the present world through Miracles India Business Plan.

Miracle nets private limited as laid down in the compensation and disbursement plan of the company shall COMPENSATE all those associates, marketing the products of this company.

This concept of the company ensures its associates STEADY AND HIGH INCOME depending upon their marketing abilities . A capable associate can have unimaginable income prospects leading to MILLIONS by marketing the products dealt by the company.

This concept is very simple and a person has to only become an associate of the company and INTRODUCE TWO PERSONS to become an associate under his DOWNLINES and this two persons after becoming an associate again introduce two persons each under their downlines to become the associates of the company and so on and so forth besides having DIRECT INCOME on SPILL OVER SYSTEM.


Blaze Matrimonial , a meeting ground for persons looking for a life partner. Here is an opportunity for you to find the perfect match.Visiting this site could be end of your search for a perfect partner,the perfect marriage, and the perfect home that you always dream about.

This service is being provided for those who are actively seeking matrimonial. Blaze Matrimonial is a commercial web site. Your right to speak freely here must be exercised with courtesy and self-restraint. When you enter Blaze Matrimonial it is the same as entering any real privately owned facility, like an office, restaurant, theater, or shopping hall. The manners of real life apply, and we have the right to remove you if you violate the terms of the Agreement. We remind all of our users that you are entirely responsible and liable for all activities conducted by you on Blaze Matrimonial.

Blaze Matrimonial reserves the right to terminate a member account anytime without notice due to failure to comply with our policy, or sending any offensive, pornographic messages to anyone or for any use of Blaze Matrimonial that is considered un-lawful.

Mobile Salesman - Pocket PC application

Mobile Stock Accountant is a simple concept to mobilize the stock data in the company. This makes the salesman carry the information in a compact form. Current system only maintains all records of inventory in Desktop System. Difficult to carry the data by the salesman. Mobile Device to carry Inventory data required by the Salesman. Easy to Synchronize with Master Database in the Server, after days work.


Mobile Device Pocket PC 2003
Dedicated Server with

Internet Information Server
Sql Server 2000
Sql Server CE Server Agent
Mobile Device Connectivity Mechanism to Server


Synchronization takes care of updating essentials records only.

In the event of connection failure, the process starts from the position where it was left before the connection field.

Business Communication Server

The Business Communication Server is a data synchronization application, to synchronize data from Point of Sale Back Office terminals to the Corporate Server. Backup channels are provided through Agents. Channel selection and period of transmission are configurable. Business Communication Server.


A Primary Communication Protocol (Server) to Synchronize Sales Data and Update Business Information (Sales Promotions & Offers) to all POS Back Office Systems in Time without Fail, A Secondary Communication Protocol (Agents) to support Sales Data Synchronization during Peak Hours.

Maintains History of Sales Data Synchronization at all End Points Switches Protocol Dynamically, Data stored at all end points (Server & Agents) Synchronization takes place periodically, Acknowledgements sent to confirm data received at end points (Server & Agents), Business data can be updated from Server to Back Office systems.










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