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School Management System

The school management system takes care of the office activities, exam planning and processing, staff management



The Accounts Module enables maintain all the accounts of the management including:

  Salary to Employees
  Fees Collection
  Other Income


This module takes care of the admission of the candidates into the school after through scrutiny of the applications. It takes care that the criteria set for the admission is met with all the candidates found eligible. All the personal details of the Student are collected here.


This module keeps the attendance records of the students as well as the teaching and non-teaching staff of the institution. This module helps in assessing the performance of the staff and students based on their individual commitment towards their duty.

Time Table:

This module is responsible for the automation of the Time Table for the institution. The timetable is prepared keeping in mind the availability of staff and load on them for each day. It also keeps in mind the need for finishing of portions in time. Options are provided for midway changes in the timetable if in case the set parameters are not met.


Question Bank:

This module is responsible for updating and maintaining the Question bank from which questions will be retrieved for the tests and exams conducted in the School. Each department has an administrator for this particular module to enable them update their question banks themselves.

Question Paper Generation:

This module helps in generating question papers for the tests and exams conducted in the school. The question papers are generated by randomly selecting the questions from the question bank already present. Privileges are given to questions based on which questions will be selected from the question bank for respective subjects.

Seat Allotment:

This module will help the management in allotting seats for the candidates during their exams. This is done by keeping in mind the level of the student and the exam heís appearing for with regard to all other candidates in the hall. This dynamic allocation reduces the burden of the staff for seat allotment by large volumes.

Report Generation:

This module will automatically generate a report for every student once he/she has completed a test or a set of tests. These reports will be added to the studentís personal details as well. Options can be provided for automatic transfer of these reports to the studentís parent through e-mail.


Teaching Staff:

Personal and official details of all teaching staff are to be maintained by this module. Timetable for each teaching staff is also available with this module along with the teacherís personal progress academically. This module also records each teacherís personal achievements.

Non-Teaching Staff:

This module maintains details about all the non-teaching staff including the lab technicians and office bearers in the school.

Barcode Attendance Register

Barcode have been used for a long time in Identity cards, product tags, packing slips, etcÖ they contain information that can be read using barcode reader. Reading this information is faster than typing the same manually by computers.

The Barcode Attendance Registry system marks attendance entries for employees by reading the Barcode value from the Employee Identity Card. A Barcode scanner interfaced to the Computer through the keyboard is enough to execute the application.

The application creates the attendance entries for the Employees automatically.

The system generates reports in a bar chart fashion that will display the working hours of each employee in a day. Also the monthly attendance of a particular employee will also be displayed in the same fashion.










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