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Ticket Reservation System

The ticket reservation system is developed to increase the processing time of the reservations with simple and fast entries thus increasing the revenue earned per day.

The system overtake the process of creation of routes and its fare details based on kilometers, reservation of ticket and generating prints, canceling the reserved ticket and refund the amount based on the refund formulas, reserving the cancelled Ticket, duplication printout of reserved ticket when the passenger lost the ticket. The system also generates highly customized reports on these processes.

The system features with application locking so as to avoid mishandling during reservations. Graphical layout of the bus seats to assist the passenger and the entry person help in better understanding.

The reservations are taken accurately and efficiently while optimizing covers and maximizing service quality.

Transport Billing System

This system maintains the details of the customerís for whom the transport agency carries out the goods. Billings are made at the end of completion of goods transfer from the source place to the destination place. The fields used in this system are specifically made for the huge transport companies. This is a small application and can be used by small or big transport units.

Billing and Goods Monitoring System

This system is an advanced version of the transport billing system. It maintains the places where the transportation is made to and fro. The different and various transport vehicles that are available in the transport office. Every time goods are to be moved, a bill is prepared. And all these bills are grouped together when their source to destination for movement is the same.

Updating (online) of the database is provided so that even when a similar system is running in a branch office that database can be used and the records can be updated in the main database. Thus all the branch records are made available in one place.










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